[ホーム // H O M E]

[リソース // R E S O U R C E S]

The city, a giant metropolis resembling a human and machine beehive. Worker bees slave for their queen, driving economic growth. Individual value is measured only by contribution to GDP. And liberty is an alien concept from an unknown planet, appearing only in the fictional works of psychonaught artists. The minds of the civilians are operating systems, designed and programmed by bureaucrat software engineers operating under the influence of communist propaganda. Independent thought is nonexistent. Everything is controlled.

The system has an ordained place for you. Your job is to clean up the sprawling and massive ghettos in the outskirts of the giant city, in order to help lower the exponentially increasing crime rates. The sub-urban landscape has the appearance of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Criminal gangs roam the streets like savage dogs in search of prey. Bodies lay strewn over the ground in a concrete jungle where amphetamine addicted psychopaths are the apex predator. This is your reality. You can't escape. Your bleak existence deteriorates your soul, accelerating mind numbing depression. Suicide appears as a glowing door of liberation inside the house of pain. Unfortunately, your wife and children can't afford to have you depart, as they can't afford government RFID chip work permits, and will starve to death without you. Existence is hyper-nihilistic mundane drudgery. The demiurge reigns supreme.

Science has given birth to the first generation of fully functional artificial super-intelligence. Advanced humanoid robots slowly begin to push the middle class out of employment. The working class watch from the sidelines, having already suffered the same fate. Robot job performance and economic efficiency is revolutionary. Man now sees himself only as a biological boot-loader for artificial super-intelligence, and soon to be made completely redundant by it. Unimaginable unemployment rates have pumped the brouzouf hungry masses into operation in the black market, which has now become a vital life source. Shadow governments form, pulling puppet strings in an occult fashion. The smell of civil war is thick in the air. Bureaucrats work to solve the problem. The once picturesque image of the future begins to digitally morph into a fractal mosaic of Orwellian nightmares and religious hallucinations. Society enters a death spiral of irrationality and terror.