[ホーム // H O M E]

[##] W h a t i s M R C ? [##]

MRC is a small website project themed around the cyberpunk community.

[##] アップデート // U p d a t e s [##]

7.12.15 - MRC was created

7.13.15 - added [D I E T], source: misc. anon on /cyber/

8.26.15 - added [V A P O R W A V E], video source: Wolfenstein OS X, guide source: unknown

8.27.15 - added [E L E C T R O N I C S] & [W A S T E L A N D], source: /g/ wiki and a very talented anon on /cyber/

8.27.15 - added music, source: pacifying

8.31.15 - completed [E L E C T R O N I C S] page 2., source: mostly wikipedia and /g/ wiki

8.31.15 - added [C H R O M E] as page 3 in [E L E C T R O N I C S], source

9.19.15 - added [A R T]

9.20.15 - added [P R O G R A M]

9.29.15 - added original artwork from anonymous users from lainchan, thanks guys

10.27.15 - added [V A D E R], support the Internet Party of Ukraine today!

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