[ホーム // H O M E]

[リソース // R E S O U R C E S]

Even in dystopia, you got to sustain yourself somehow. But where to begin? Here's some comprehensive and easy meal replacements to live more dystopian and /cyber/.


In dystopia, a lot of resources are scarce. How to combat this? Make do with cheaper alternatives.


>Alcohol; best bought at supermarkets, most definitely scotches/whiskeys or vodkas are preferred but stuff like absinthe can be a hell of a dystopian drink

>Canned coffee from Japan (or China to keep it really /cyber/); purchase at asian supermarkets or through e-stores


You start the day in a rush, understandably, to get to your job. Here's some on-the-fly foods:

>Mi Goreng fried noodles (instant or traditional)

>Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl

>Khao Neow Moo Ping (heavy breakfast)


Maybe you're in a rush to storm a megacorp. But wait, you didn't stop for lunch. How will you fight all those security guards if you need to when you're exhausted from not eating? Here's quick take-out lunches or food to easily prep at home.

>Mongolian beef

>Phad Thai

>Sushi; local sushi bar or make it yourself here (california roll for convenience)

>Fried Rice; local asian cuisine cartel or make it with this link


After coming home from storming (x) HQ successfully, and needing to lie low for a while, you're exhausted. A big appetite for a big event. Here's some hearty meals to enjoy over dinner.

>Chinese dumplings

>Doenjang jjigae (korean) >Kimichi jjigae/chigae (Japanese)

>General Tao Chicken (chinese)

>Asian Fire Meat (chinese)

>Kung Pao Chicken